FLE Technology and Wound Full Cycle Management Scheme Has Debuted in Asia

March 26, 2021, KLOX, a regenerative medicine multinational biotechnology company focusing on the study of damaged mitochondria and cell behavior, announced that its products LumiHeal and Kleresca will be officially unveiled at the 19th Guangdong International Medical Device Expo in 2021.


More than 200 agents and 15 hospitals from around the world attended the visit, and 10 media conducted an exclusive interview with KLOX.


KLOX original technology - FLE Technology

The technology behind Lumiheal and Kleresca is Klox's unique FLE technology: the Activator illuminates the light conversion medium, activates the light absorption chromophores in the light conversion medium, and converts the fixed wavelength monochromatic light into a longer wavelength dynamic continuous multicolor fluorescent light through stokes shift.



The generated fluorescence simultaneously penetrates the epidermal layer, dermis and subcutaneous tissues of the skin, increases the volume of mitochondria in a single cell, increases the total number of mitochondria in a cell, restores the mitochondrial network (morphology) to a complex branch network, repairs damaged mitochondria, and activates the cell's own repair mechanism.


Unlike the common treatments on the market, which only produce a single wavelength and only affect the dermis, FLE not only produces blue light from the Activator, but also produces green, yellow, orange and red light, acting on the skin in different depths, living mitochondria, anti-inflammatory, induce healing, promote blood circulation, increase collagen production and other multidimensional biological effects.


FLE is a non-invasive, non-systemic and painless treatment, especially for chronic and difficult wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous ulcers. It has a positive effect in preventing wound infection, speeding up wound healing and reducing scar formation. At the same time, it has a significant effect on the skin management of moderate and severe acne, skin rejuvenation and other aspects. It can target the activation of mitochondria, greatly increase the generation of collagen, and promote the rejuvenation of cells.



According to Grand View Research's market research report, the global market for diabetic foot ulcers was $3.6 billion in 2017 and will continue to grow at an annual rate of 8.2% between 2019 and 2025.


The risk of diabetic foot ulcers in diabetic patients is 25%. 10-15%'s diabetic foot ulcers are unhealed. 25% of the untreatable diabetic foot ulcers require amputation. Every 30 seconds, a diabetic foot ulcer is amputated due to ineffective treatment. The choice of drugs for treating diabetic foot ulcers is very limited worldwide. At present, there is an urgent need for new treatment methods for diabetic foot ulcers.


FLE impacts the three critical phases of wound healing:

In the inflammatory phase, it can regulate macrophages, reduce oxidative stress and control bacterial colonization

During the proliferative phase, the fission/fusion mechanism is activated, the mitochondrial morphology is regulated and the Adenosine triphosphate is increased;

During the remodeling phase, it can increase growth factors, induce angiogenesis, increase collagen production.


After 10 weeks of treatment, the mean wound surface area of diabetic foot ulcers was reduced by 83.8%, the wound closure rate was 57.1%, and after 16 weeks, the median wound surface area reduction rate was 78.1%. At the same time, in the treatment of other chronic and difficult wounds with this technology, such as venous ulcer and pressure sores also has a positive effect.





LumiHeal, KLOX medical global brand, based on the company's original FLE, has six therapeutic advantages and four operational convenience:

1.Six therapeutic advantages

1) wounds heal quickly

2) low rate of infection

3) low rate of wound breakage

4) apply to a variety of acute and chronic wounds

5) the treatment is comfortable

6) high security


2.Four operational convenience

1) short treatment time

2) easy to operate

3) a variety of treatment scenarios

4) easy to monitor



Kleresca, KLOX's global medical beauty brand, based on the company's pioneering FLE development, has the following seven technical advantages:

1) Original advanced foreign technology

2) Eliminate inflammation from the root

3) Reduce scar formation

4) Suitable for a variety of skin problems

5) Non-invasive, no hormones

6) No downtime

7) Double collagen


FLE technology has been widely used in clinical applications in the European Union, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Israel and other regions and countries, covering more than 550 medical and medical beauty institutions.