Professor Liu, Jingyan from the School of Management of Sun Yat sen University visited KLOX


Professor Liu’s “trip” in KLOX

On the morning of July 31st, Professor Liu, Jingyan, vice dean and doctoral supervisor of School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University and senior visiting scholar of Cornell University, visited KLOX. Chairman Peng, Jianjun and CEO Li, Bin attended the reception.


(Professor Liu, Jingyan from School of Management, Sun Yat-sen University visited KLOX)


FLE technology was recognized

Professor Liu inspected the technical strength, enterprise development and future development plan of KLOX.


During the visit, she showed great interest in FLE technology, the core technology of KLOX.


At the same time, Professor Liu affirmed the innovative contribution of the core technology in the treatment of severe skin diseases, wound repair and regeneration, medical cosmetology and other fields.


(Professor Liu, Jingyan from School of Management, Sun Yat-sen University visited KLOX)


KLOX widens the way of cross-border medical cooperation

Professor Liu said that at present, medical institutions at home and abroad are constantly exploring the mode of transnational medical cooperation, and KLOX’s arrival in China is expanding the boundary of transnational medical cooperation and development, benefiting the majority of Chinese people.


Finally, Professor Liu expressed her hope to cooperate with KLOX in more aspects of medical technology innovation and development, and to provide various resources to promote the deepening cooperation between enterprises and universities.