KLOX Has Launched Chinese-Europe Scholars Program

As mitochondria's important role in cellular systems is increasingly recognized, FLE has become an important research area at prestigious European universities such as University of Copenhagen in Denmark.


。KLOX and University of Copenhagen jointly launched the 2021 Klox Scholars Program, which selects 5 biomedical scholars from 985 universities in China to complete doctoral, postdoctoral or visiting scholar studies in University of Copenhagen, and provides financial support for each scholar.


On the basis of existing research results, scholars participating in the program will further study FLE, which won the innovation award of the 2019 World Targeted Mitochondria Congress, and promote frontier research in regenerative medicine related fields such as the biological impact of FLE on cell system, with the help of the world's only optical performance laboratory resources of  University of Copenhagen that can detect optical conversion media.


About KLOX

KLOX is a regenerative medicine multinational biotechnology company focusing on the study of damaged mitochondria and cell behavior. The main researchers are from Leo Pharma, Novo Nordisk, BioChem Pharma and other world-renowned pharmaceutical companies. With 123 invention patents worldwide, 12 hard-to-heal indications have been approved. In 2019, KLOX was awarded the Innovation Award of the World Targeting Mitochondria Congress 2019. KLOX has become a global leader in the field of mitochondrial repair.


About University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is the 33rd highest institution in the world and has 39 Nobel Prize winners. Member of 4EU+ Alliance, International Alliance of Research Universities, Alliance of European Research Universities, Union of European Capital Universities, Association of European Universities. Research funding is the fourth largest in Europe, after University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and ETH Zurich.